Highly qualified specialists from Times Marine provide comprehensive survey reports, condition and evaluation audits on vessels located all over the world, whether afloat or in dry dock. Surveys and inspections can be arranged quickly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Among the services provided are:
• Pre-purchase surveys
• Sale handover supervision
• Warranty surveys (inc. heavy lifts)
• Lashing surveys and Towage Approvals
• P&I Entry and damage surveys
• Hull & Machinery surveys
• Dry-docking superintendency
• On & Off Hire Condition and Consumables surveys
• Small craft and Yacht condition assessment
• Owner fleet audits & ISM audits
• General Condition & Suitability surveys
• Surveys for registration and UAE Navigation Licence renewal

The team is expert at dealing with P&I Club projects including pre-entry, condition, damage, wet and dry cargo,
fruit and reefer cargo.

Reports incorporate detailed statistics, inspection data, photographs delivered through our own secure Photozone and other supporting information.

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